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The Statue of Liberty - A family legacy lives on.

For most, making a contribution to one of the most iconic American symbols is a once in a lifetime opportunity. For the Muttart family, it has become more of a tradition. For the second time in twenty five years, the Muttart family business was granted the opportunity to install the elevators in the Statue of Liberty.

Formerly National Elevator, Douglas K. Muttart spearheaded the 1986 installation of the largest double decker hydraulic elevator for the Statue’s centennial celebration. Twenty-Five years later, his sons, Douglas J. Muttart, President and Darren Muttart, Vice President, have carried on their late father’s legacy by securing the contract for the installation of three (3) new elevators for Lady Liberty.

Liberty Elevator Corporation installed a passenger elevator, handicap lift and emergency elevator which were completed as part of the Life and Safety Upgrades project. General Contractor, Joseph A. Natoli Construction Corporation was awarded the overall project that additionally included upgrades to the stairways, bathrooms, electrical systems and fire suppression systems.

Main Elevator

The main elevator was replaced with an energy efficient Machine Room-Less (MRL) elevator. This elevator boasts a regenerative drive and the ability to transport passengers at 200 foot per minute.

The Freedom(r) Elevator System consists of approximately 60% less horsepower than the Statue’s previous elevator. As the elevator car decelerates, excess power is filtered and returned to the main power line for use by other electrical loads within the Statue of Liberty.

This 2,500 lb. capacity unit travels from level 1P – 5P. Any passengers visiting Lady Liberty now have access to this elevator that travels 115′ 1 ¾”.

The elevator provides for freedom of choice for the National Parks service, as all parts are non-proprietary and there are no restrictions on maintenance material or technical support. All structural steel and hardware materials are products of the USA. All fabrication of the structural materials was also performed in the USA.

Handicap Lift

A new handicap lift was additionally installed. This lift travels from level 5P to 6P and is meant solely for handicap visitors. This provides a travel distance of approximately 14′ 9″. This is unique, as most other wheelchair lifts are limited to 12-14′ of rise and very few installations travel almost 15′, as this lift does. This limited use, limited accessibility (LULA) lift has a 750 lb. capacity.

Emergency Elevator

The existing emergency elevator was replaced with a 750 lb. rack and pinion elevator. This is able to transport individuals in the event of an emergency. It travels at a rate of 150 foot per minute and 89′ 8″. This emergency elevator travels levels 6P, 4S, 5S, 6S, and 7S.

This system offers unique safety features, including the Full Height Hydraulic Rescue Lowering System (patent pending). This simple to operate Rescue System allows a stranded rider to self-rescue from any height without stopping to cool the brakes like the old centrifugal systems.

One of the unique challenges of the project is the limited space available inside of the Statue and the nature of working in a historical structure. This required a highly customized design.

TESI’s gear driven Rack and Pinion technology allows for an elevator to be placed just about anywhere you can mount the hoistway gear rack and minimizes impact on the support structure. This custom Emergency Rescue Elevator can now provide emergency personnel alternate access without having to use the stairs.

Cabs and Entrances:

The entrances are Bronze #4 finish with the frames welded and mitered with the hand stripped bronze materials.

  • The walls in the elevator cabs are a fused bronze material.
  • The elevator cab also contains an access panel in the lower half of the rear wall to gain special access to the shaft. The panel seamlessly blends into the entire design.
  • The metals that provide functionality and accents to the surroundings of the elevator cab match the finishes of the frames and the doors on each landing. This provides continuity of materials being incorporated in the project.


2014 Project of the Year Winner

A day after the Statue of Liberty re-opened at the conclusion of the 13 month renovation, Hurricane Sandy hit on October 29th, 2012 causing an 8 month delay in the public's access to Liberty Island. Ceremoniously, the Statue re-opened to the public on July 4th, 2013 after closing for only the 3rd time in her 127 year history. Due to the herculean effort required to get the national icon operating after the storm and the integration of the Life & Safety updates to the island's vertical transportation, Liberty Elevator Corporation earned the 'Project of the Year' award for 2014, issued by Elevator World magazine.

Additional Information

Elevator contractor, Liberty Elevator Corporation, cab manufacturer, EDI-ECI and the elevator consultant Van Deusen Associates (VDA) have all worked together on the Statue of Liberty before. 25 years ago, all three (3) companies collaborated in the installation of the Statue’s original elevator.

For the second time in 25 years, the companies had the honor of once again joining forces to supply Lady Liberty’s vertical transportation needs.

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