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Miami Waterfront elevated by Liberty Elevator


For safe and reliable elevator repair service, South Florida building owners and property managers call Liberty Elevator Corporation. We believe that our customers, passengers and employees are our greatest asset. Workplace safety is our highest priority.

Elevator Repair Service in South Florida

Having a safety record that exceeds industry standards is not an accident. From the training of our I.U.E.C Union mechanics to our OSHA certified safety managers, we are committed to delivering the best training, safety practices and maintenance procedures. Combining these powerful practices helps ensure that we provide safe, reliable transportation and a safe workplace.

Liberty Elevator Corporation's mechanics and technicians regularly attend meetings on workplace safety standards and statistics to provide optimal elevator maintenance, installation, and modernization.

With our elevator repair service, Southern Florida companies and contractors can comply with individual customers' safety requirements; we then train our technicians on these requests. We look forward to partnering with all of our existing and future customers in creating an accident free workplace.

Liberty Elevators Commitment to Safety
Liberty is proud to employ 100% OSHA 10 certified mechanics and helpers
All of our mechanics have graduated from the esteemed National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP)
A-Grade with ISNetworld's safety certification
PICS Auditing safety certified
TWIC and SWAC card holders
Jumper Safety Policy
Protections for Reporting Fraud in New York