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MOMA recently completed it's $450 million expansion, embracing the New York surroundings & reimagining what a museum can be. The first thing you may notice when you enter the freshly renovated lobby is an amazing glass cylinder elevator, bringing you from the street side entrance to the subterranean gift shop.

Liberty Elevator Corporation installed this one-of-kind, round glass elevator in the museum as a true piece of art in motion. The custom elevator has a glass cab that surrounds you as you transcend from the mezzanine to the lower level bookstore, giving a floating feeling as the transparent cylinder smoothly transports you between floors.  

All mechanical aspects of the elevator are hidden underneath the cab floor, including door operators, giving a minimalistic appearance while maintaining its ultra-modern & cutting edge technology in a shroud below. The round glass doors & clear glass ceiling allow for uninterrupted views of the lobby and gift shop.

Less of a stand out but equally important are the 2 square cab elevators granting access to the 6 floors of the museum, from the lobby to the Terrace Café.  These lifts are stealth in appearance with a monochromatic oxidized black finish with recessed LED lighting to give a true minimalist experience. Unlike the impressionist paintings of Monet or thick paint strokes of Van Gogh on the 5th floor, the elevator cabs are completely flat noir with a smoked glass wall allowing the slightest hint of the duplex separation with the adjacent elevator shaft. Each elevator landing has custom painted doors and matching fixtures to pair with the museum’s strict color palette.  

Liberty Elevator Corporation brings together the balance of form and function at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, elevating guests to this world class art collection.

Round Glass Elevator

  • Specifications: 2,000 lbs. capacity, round shaft engineered hydraulic elevator with 2 stops @ 100’ per minute. 
  • Shaft Construction: ¾” ultra-clear safety glass in sections up to 14’ in height secured in solid extruded steel rings. 
  • Custom Finishes: Pit walls, shroud and all metal components have matching black oxidized paint.
  • Machines: Round side entry single speed doors with operating device located under the cab. Custom stand up pedestal hall stations.

Custom Elevators

  • Specifications:  3,500 lbs. capacity, 9’ height, traction elevators, accessing 6 floors @ 350’ per minute.
  • Internal Finishes: Safety laminated blackened glass with bead blasted stainless steel with black oxidized paint. Low profile LED lights, pin braille fixtures & custom matched MOMA wood flooring.
  • External Finishes: Custom color matched doors & fixtures to each specific landing.
  • Machines: Hollister Whitney motors with GAL door equipment for the single speed center parting doors.

Liberty Elevator Corporation, Elevators that Move You

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