15 East 57th Street, NYC

Bringing Vertical Style to NYC HQ.

This iconic fashion brand moved their US headquarters & flagship store to East 57th Street in Manhattan and challenged Liberty Elevator to develop a series of lifts with their unique international style.

With a call for a French modern art flair, the elevators where required to incorporate the textures and styling of the brands’ Iconic aesthetic. From a fully mirrored interior, textured doors and an international artwork installed within the elevator cab itself, Liberty Elevator Chanel'd the client vision into a truly remarkable elevator experience. 

When you leave the lift you move seamlessly through the headquarters as every aesthetic was meticulously thought out and painstakingly crafted to embody the brand image. Liberty Elevator worked timely and precisely to fulfill the clients artistic dreams and bring them to a functional reality with vertical style.

Elevator Specifications

Height - 208' 10 Stories
Speed - 450' per minute
Motor - 30 HP
Materials - Mirrored Gorilla Glass interior, Custom textured doors, Recessed lighting
Openings - 4 (C, 1, 5, 10)
Controllers - GAL

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