55 Hudson Yards

Transparency is Key

Custom glass elevators have recently become signature investments for many technology based companies in New York City. When incorporating open floor plans with LEED certified natural lighting requirements, glass lifts are perfect for compliance while making a branding statement to your clients and improving the working environment for your employees.

Custom Elevator Statement

Located in the ultra-modern Hudson Yards, this custom glass elevator installation captures our client's vision that ‘the stars are within reach’ with its transparent ceiling and glass elevator shaft as it ascends to the private 10th floor landing where it settles within a glass solarium and accesses the outside meeting space with views of the Hudson River. 

Glass Elevator Advantage 

During the day, sunlight shines throughout the entire elevator shaft, penetrating the cab through its glass ceiling and transparent walls while giving off an illuminating glow in the lobby deep within the building. During the evening, the translucent effect of the glass elevator shaft transforms, illuminating internal office space thanks to recessed LED lighting in the cab's floor & ceiling.  This glass elevator is a key component to the energy efficiency of this property while allowing natural light to alleviate the demands on power consumption.

Elevator Specification

Height - 39' - 3 stories
Speed - 125 feet per minute
Motor - 50 HP
Materials - Steel, Glass 
Openings - 2
Controlers - GAL

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