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Is Your Elevator Ready For Florida's Hurricane Season?

Dru Brooks

Building owners in Florida are familiar with battening down the hatches and prepping for hurricanes from as early June to late October, but is there something you might be missing? While most people know to protect exteriors against driving rain and high winds, elevators are often overlooked during storm preparations. As storm after storm churns toward the United States from late spring through early fall, building owners in high-risk areas should prepare a hurricane checklist for their elevators before the tides of troubled waters begin to rise.


Elevator Hurricane Checklist

When the weather starts getting rough, be sure to keep your elevator safe and dry. Include the following items in your Hurricane Checklist to minimize the chance of water damage & to protect your property from costly elevator repairs.  

  • Prepare for High Water: Park all elevators near the center of the hoist way to prevent potential water damage from accumulation in the pit during rains & possible flooding.
  • Check sump pumps, alarms & float switches in your elevator pits: This should be on your regular internal maintenance schedule, but always give your elevators a second check whenever severe weather warnings are issued in your area. 
  • Close all vents & openings in machine rooms and hoistways: Properly secure all doors and hatches that are exposed to the outdoors. 
  • Inspect weather stripping: Should your machine room be subject to the elements, check the seals around your doors, windows and vents for wind and water entrance. Replace or repair if necessary.
  • Place sandbags on hoistway doors: This is only necessary when elevators are open to the atmosphere – for example, parking garages, pedestrian bridges, or subway stations.
  • Reinforce your windows: If your machine room has windows, these can be blown out by strong winds. To prevent water damage, fasten sheets of plywood over the windows.
  • Keep it cool: Be conscious that machinery still needs adequate ventilation to prevent overheating. Be sure to keep your elevator's motor room between 45° and 90° degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidity not to exceed 85%!
  • Test emergency phones: Make sure your elevators have a working emergency phone in case of power outage & guests becoming stuck in the elevator.
  • Alternate power supplies: Check that your generators & auxiliary power supplies are properly charged and adequate fuel is available in case of power outage. 

Power Outage Upgrades

We may not have entered hurricane season yet, but the chaos from the storms are sure to cause inevitable power fluctuations, resulting in energy disruptions and major equipment malfunctions. When the power goes out don't get stuck in the dark, ensure that your property's elevators are protected with these valuable equipment upgrades!

  • Powervator: To combat power outages, consider investing in a Powervator. This product improves tenant safety by reducing the possibility of passengers being trapped if building power is lost or interrupted. Learn More 
  • Auxiliary Power Supply – HAPS/TAPS: These Auxiliary Power Supplies provides backup power when commercial power is lost, safely delivering the elevator car to a landing and maintaining door power so passengers can exit. Learn More

Elevator preparation is essential to minimize property damage when a hurricane is on the horizon. Be mindful of these items when creating your property’s ‘Hurricane Checklist” to help protect your equipment from powerful winds and flooding while extending the life of your equipment.

Liberty Elevator's Repair & Maintenance Service

After 60 years of successful growth in the New York Metro area, Liberty Elevator Corporation has expanded its elevator service reach to include South Florida. Now providing Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Naples and the surrounding area with certified union elevator mechanics to perform maintenance, modernizations & new elevator construction in the commercial real estate market. 

Whether choosing a customized elevator maintenance program, installing nonproprietary equipment, or providing a flexible agreement, Liberty Elevator provides knowledgeable recommendations for various models and vintages of elevator equipment.

To make sure your elevator rides the storm out safely, contact Liberty Elevator today! 

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